Hard Wood Flooring

Carpets In The Park brings you the power of choosing the hardwood flooring you want! Whether you are looking for wooden flooring choosing the hardwood of your choice that you want to be hand-scraped and worked from scratch, we have the expertise to bring you the aesthetics coupled with the quality of your desired hardwood […]


Bamboo floors are an attractive, practical choice for a different kind of hardwood flooring solution. Bamboo floors are highly regarded for their strength and durability, but they also provide great benefits from their resistance to insects and water. The hardness of bamboo floors can vary depending on the processing methods, from 1180 (carbonized) to 1380 […]

Saxony Plush

Saxony Plush is a durable, elegant carpeting made from a twisted loop weave base that is sheared to form a flat, soft carpeting surface. Aesthetically appealing, and resistant to many stains and marks, plush carpets are a wonderful balance between the elegant and casual, a look desired by many carpet buyers on the market today. […]