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7 Ways to Protect Your Floors From Holiday Foot Traffic

The Holiday season is the best time of year! Dinner parties, loved ones, family and having people over to celebrate the end of the year together are just a few reasons December is just a great time to send out some invites!

Hosting a holiday party comes with plenty of its stressors (and tons of fun), don’t let your floors become a stressor in the aftermath! With so many people walking around, furniture being moved and the unpreventable spill that are bound to happen – it’s important to protect your floors from the scratches and stains that come with holiday foot traffic.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Mats, Mats, Mats!: Mats inside and outside the entryways encourage guests to wipe their shoes before entering your home and dragging in any wintry muck.
  2. Rugs: Invest in rugs for high-traffic areas, like the front entrance, hallways, gathering areas, and dining room.
  3. Offer a Shoe Rack: Getting the snow out of boots can be a pain – give your guests the easy option of taking them off and placing them on a rack with a tray to catch the melting snow. This will prevent the snowy/salty combo from being walked around your floors.
  4. Fit the Furniture: You’re bound to move furniture around (as are your guests), so fit your furniture with felt pads to help glide furniture without causing scratches – especially important if you’ve got hardwood floors.
  5. Covers & Throws: Protect your couches and expensive furniture from spills, stains or worse with fitted covers or decorative throw blankets.
  6. Extra Cans: Place extra trash cans around the home to prevent finding unwanted spills or trash on your floors. Depending on your flooring type, a spill left too long could cause permanent damage and require replacement.
  7. Go Green: Reaching for the roll when there’s a spill is just all to convenient, but it’s also very easy to waste less. Keep a stack of hand towels around and one on you to wipe away spills as you see them – don’t wait until it’s too late!

Your floors are an investment – protect your investment this holiday season!

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