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Sustainable, eco-friendly carpets made in America with Nanoloc technology. Clean, durable, and environmentally friendly.

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Spill-Proof & Stain-Resistant Carpet

SmartStrand takes carpet to a whole new level. Unlike traditional Nylon carpeting that has no core protection (making it easy to stain and hard to clean), SmartStrand is protected by innovative Nanoloc technology. Nanoloc are ultra-fine nanoparticles that bond together to shield the SmartStrand fibers from accidents, pet stains and spills – making it the easiest carpet to clean and looking new.

Established in 1878, Mohawk has been providing quality flooring products to happy customers since day one. With innovative products, award winning design and an unbeatable team, it’s no wonder that Mohawk is a consumer favorite across the board. Beyond their dedication to constantly creating new, revolutionary products that make your life easier, Mohawk is invested in environmentally responsible practices. From renewably sourced products to a streamlined process from beginning to end, Mohawk is dedicated to making a positive impact in the world.

Features of SmartStrand Carpet

Stays Clean

SmartStrand Forever Clean offers spill and soil protection and permanent stain resistance.

Extremely durable

Exceptional durability preserves the style, beauty and appearance of your carpet.

Environmentally Friendly

Carpet fiber is made in part from renewable plant-based ingredients.

  • Engineered without dye sites, preventing stains from chemically bonding to the fiber and making it extra easy to clean
  • Does not absorb liquids, while nylon can absorb up to 5% of its weight in liquid. No absorption means no musty odors, dingy odors trapped in your floors.
  • Built with durability in its DNA, the unique spring like structure of the strands increase resistance to crushing and matting
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly carpets made in America

Mohawk SmartStrand Color Options

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