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Enjoy the beauty of hardwood without the hassle with waterproof, stain-resistant, and pet-friendly flooring. These floors offer stunning hardwood visuals but eliminate the maintenance and expense associated with real hardwood.

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Laminate flooring that lasts through all seasons

SolidTech floors offer the ultimate convenience for modern homes: they are completely waterproof, highly resistant to stains, and extremely pet-friendly. They boast the stunning appearance of traditional hardwood, yet they come without the high maintenance and expense associated with real hardwood floors. Ideal for busy households, these floors blend practicality with aesthetic appeal, ensuring durability and ease of care while still providing that classic, elegant hardwood look.

SolidTech features


Perfect for moisture-prone rooms, SolidTech is 100% waterproof.

pet protection

Protect against pets, odors, accidents and more.

climate protection

Built to withstand varied climates throughout the year.

Popular SolidTech laminate finishes

Enjoy the elegance of floors that combine the classic beauty of hardwood visuals with practical features. SolidTech floors are waterproof, stain-resistant, and perfect for homes with pets. Experience the charm of hardwood aesthetics without the high maintenance and costs associated with real hardwood flooring.

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