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How to Care for Your Hardwood This Summer



Hardwood is one of the most beautiful, classic and long-lasting styles for the open spaces of your home including living rooms, dens, bedrooms and even in your bathroom. Versatile, durable and gorgeous. Hardwood not only comes in a variety of colors and styles, but it adds an undeniable elegance to every room while adding value to your home. Talk about a real investment.

However, like with all flooring – there are some things to keep in mind, especially in the summer. With the longer, warmer days inching closer, it’s important to begin planning for increasing humidity levels that come with Chicagoland summers.

Things to think about:

Keep the Sand Outside: Summers are all about beachside fun! Sadly, all that sand can do serious damage in the long run. Keep sandy shoes and items outside, vacuum regularly and be sure to use the appropriate hardwood floor cleaners to prevent further damage.

Your Floors Might Move: Because wood is hygroscopic, it absorbs and releases moisture as per environmental changes. You may notice your planks swell a bit from moisture absorption. If the problem becomes significant, contact us to speak to a hardwood flooring expert.

UV Rays Can Change the Appearance: As the sun becomes more intense, it’s effect on your hardwood floors may also intensify unless you provide a bit of shade. Keep curtains drawn when not the room is not in use during the day. This will also keep your home cool and keep energy costs down!

Simple Hardwood Tips for the Summer:

  • Use a Dehumidifier: This will remove much of the moisture in the air, preventing the swelling, buckling and cracking that could happen. Investing in a dehumidifier will save you a ton of money as this will reduce the amount of repairs throughout the years.
    • Humidity levels should remain between 35-55% to prevent your hardwood from moisture damage.
  • Run the AC: Running your AC all the time, all summer probably isn’t a great idea. However, turning your AC on will keep the humidity drastically low because you’re not only cooling the air – you’re also drawing the moisture out.
  • Keep them Clean: Our experts do not recommend polishing and waxing your hardwood during the summer months. Stick to vacuuming with a hardwood attachment and hardwood cleaning products.

Have more hardwood care questions? Contact us today!

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