Your Guide to Carpet Types

From Berber to Saxony

Carpet Textures & Piles

Understanding a few simple basics about carpet construction will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget.

  Textured Plush
• Most decoratively versatile cut pile
• Textured surface helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
• Adds casual beauty to any room
• Looks great between vacuumings
• Preferred style for busy households
• A great “whole-house” carpet

Textured Plush Chicago


• Refined cut pile surface
• Luxuriously smooth, soft finish
• Beautiful with traditional interiors
• Adds distinctive elegance to any room
• Ideal for living and dining rooms
• Shows subtle highlights and accents

Saxony Chicago


Berber Loop-Pile
• A wool-like look and rugged loop surface
• Natural, hand-crafted appearance creates a warm, personal atmosphere
• Tight loop texture helps hide footprints and vacuum marks
• Subtle patterns fit a variety of room styles
• Ideal choice for contemporary to country to cottage furnishings

Berber Loop Chicago


Berber Cut-Pile
• An exciting new berber look with all the wonderful color and interest of traditional loop berbers
• The great plush “feel” of thick, cut pile carpet
• Beautifully crafted and colored yarns add personality to any room
• Very versatile decoratively, ideal for casual rooms, kids’ rooms
• Subtle color flecks help hide soil that might appear between cleanings

berber cut


• Carved definition with cut and loop pile
• Accent colors spice up floor surfaces
• Multicolor effects hide soil and stains
• Looks great between vacuumings
• Choose from soft tonals to bolder color combinations

Cut and Loop


• Highly twisted strands of fiber make this carpet highly durable and great for high-traffic rooms
• One of the most popular styles in homes today
• Dense carpet means insulation from cold and sound
• Subtle color flecks and thick, curly fiber help hide soil




• Versatile styles blend comfortably with any decor
• Durable long-wearing surface pile engineered for high traffic areas
• Intriguing color choices suitable for professional and practical installations
• Textured surfaces provide subtle highlights

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