Best Flooring Options for Your Kids’ Room

Best Kids Flooring - Carpets in the Park

Many homeowners with children know very well, the flooring in kids rooms can take a beating. Choosing the best flooring type for your precious little ones is important. You want to find a flooring option that not only looks great but can also withstand abuse from kids over time. For starters, let’s keep in mind the basics of flooring for children; you want a flooring option that is durable and stain resistant, and kid-friendly healthwise.

Before making any decisions on flooring options, besides your budget, be sure to cautious of potential health concerns for your kids. Use caution when choosing a vinyl flooring as some may expose your children to lead or phthalates due to the manufacturing process. Also, make sure our flooring installation professionals use non-toxic sealers and formaldehyde-free adhesives. Lastly, before replacing carpet, consider simply having it cleaned.

Kids will fall, often, and hard surfaces can be a little rough on their little knees. With all of this in mind, choosing the best option that looks both good and durable for years to come can be tough. We’ve been in the flooring business since 1975, so below you’ll find a few suggestions from our experts.

Best Flooring Options for Your Kids

Cork Flooring

Our first choice is  a simple, cost effective design solution for kids room floors is cork flooring. Cork can provide many of the qualities of carpet flooring, without the drawbacks. Cork flooring is naturally soft underfoot and has a similar aesthetic look as hardwood flooring. Unlike carpet, cork naturally repels the growth of mold and other organisms and is stain resistant.

flooring for kids - Carpets in the Park

Wall-to-wall SmartStrand Carpeting

Carpet flooring, but not just any type, Smartstrand Carpet is safe, soft, and durable your kids room flooring. SmartStrand Carpet is easy on the environment due to its simplified manufacturing process. It’s good to know you can have the good-looking, softness and durability you desire in a carpet while being eco-friendly. SmartStrand Forever Clean is made with Dupont Sorona polymer, which is free from harmful substances. With Wall to Wall carpeting by SmartStrand Forever Clean, can be assured your carpet fiber is certified for a safe and healthy home, especially in the little humans’ room!

One More Thing About Your Kids Flooring:

Replacing the floor in a couple years is not something you’re going to want to do. Consider all the falling objects, frequent cleaning, scratches, and heavy foot traffic, your kids room floor is susceptible to abuse over time. Serving as Chicago’s flooring expert, we’ve had customers choose carpet for their kids’ rooms. Sure, while carpet is soft and comfortable, it’s not your only option. We believe soft hardwood tiles, cork flooring or any another soft overlays will help you achieve your flooring & design ideas for the little ones. Our hope is our suggestions have given you a bit of inspiration for your kids rooms. Give us a call or fill out our form for a Free Estimate so we can bring your design ideas to life.